Upload Files

We recommend connecting to our FTP site with an FTP browser

Use FileZilla, Transmit, Fetch, or any other MAC FTP program.

Use FileZilla, WS_FTP, CuteFTP, or any other PC FTP program.

*Note: Using just a web browser may not give you privileges to upload on a Mac. FTP clients can be found on the web for free.

Use the following log-in information when using an FTP browser.

Host: ftp.janographics.com

User Name: jano

Password: jano123

When uploading to Jano Graphics FTP site, all files should be compressed.

If you right click your collected file folder you can “Zip” or “Stuff” your file for transfer or use a compression software. Use Stuffit or Dropstuff to create .sit file, use WinZip to create a .zip file etc.

Our FTP site maintains an unlimited file size capability.

For frequent users, Jano Graphics will create a folder for you which has full privileges. All clients that have not been assigned an I.D. and password please use the general uploads login information lower left. Once you are connected to the Jano Graphics FTP server, it is merely a drag and drop from a Mac or PC with any FTP browser.

Once you have uploaded your file successfully, please notify your Account Manager or Customer Service Representative at Jano Graphics at (805) 644-9212.